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Working the material

Today we use rice straw (it used to by rye here) which is braided into ribbons by hand and then sewn using industrial sewing machines which are usually used to work with leather.


We produce both traditional and modern stiles, using natural and colored strawribbons in any forms, shapes and sizes.


We try to execute the products our customers desire according to their indications and measures.


To get an idea of the variety of our products, please feel free to check out some of creations in the picture gallery which can be found in the tab "foto".


Our prices can vary depending on the type of work required to make the object. A hat can typically cost between  CHF  80.- and 120.- 


Each Artisan is responsible for his own products. Part of our revenue goes into the self financing of our local artisans association  PAGLIARTE.


The products can be shipped to the those who are not able to pass at our atelier in Berzona. The customer will have to come up for the shipping costs.

Pagliarte cannot be held liable for any transport damages and we do not replace lost or products which were damaged during transport.



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