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Pagliarte is an association currently made up of numerous sympathizers and 4 women active in handicraft production.

The purpose of the association is to keep the tradition of straw processing in the Onsernone Valley alive.

The active members of PAGLIARTE are:

Lara Blumer, Mariapia Gamboni, Nora Gamboni and Stefania Garbani-Marcantini.


Forever member in our hearts: Lucky Remonda

Become a member?

We would be happy to have you with us. In this way you will be able to support a small business that wants to promote the traditions of the past


For information, contact Lara Blumer on 079 770 77 40


They go out to all who support us in different ways, both morally and financially. To those who visit our site and submit their ideas to us. And of course to all our volunteers and members who animate our precious atelier.

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